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SatelliteInfo (UORB message)

source file

uint64 timestamp        # time since system start (microseconds)

uint8 count         # Number of satellites visible to the receiver
uint8[20] svid          # Space vehicle ID [1..255], see scheme below
uint8[20] used          # 0: Satellite not used, 1: used for navigation
uint8[20] elevation     # Elevation (0: right on top of receiver, 90: on the horizon) of satellite
uint8[20] azimuth       # Direction of satellite, 0: 0 deg, 255: 360 deg.
uint8[20] snr           # dBHz, Signal to noise ratio of satellite C/N0, range 0..99, zero when not tracking this satellite.
uint8[20] prn                   # Satellite PRN code assignment, (psuedorandom number SBAS, valid codes are 120-144)