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PWM_limit 状态机

ThePWM_limit State Machine controls PWM outputs as a function of pre-armed and armed inputs. 并且会在解锁指令发出后、飞机油门增加之前引入一个延时。



  • 解锁(armed)模式:宣告允许执行危险的动作指令,如转动螺旋桨。
  • pre-armed: asserted to enable benign behaviors such as moving control surfaces
  • this input overrides the current state
  • assertion of pre-armed immediately forces behavior of state ON, regardless of current state
  • deassertion of pre-armed reverts behavior to current state


  • INIT 和 OFF
    • pwm 输出设置为锁定状态的值。
  • RAMP
    • pwm outputs ramp from disarmed values to min values.
  • ON
    • 根据实际控制量设定 pwm 的输出值。


PWM Limit state machine diagram