# Wing Wing Z-84 Pixracer Build

The Wing Wing Z-84 is a flying wing frame. It is small, rugged and just large enough to host a Pixracer.

Key information:

  • Frame: Wing Wing Z-84
  • Flight controller: Pixracer

Wing Wing Z-84 build

# 配件列表

# Z-84 Plug n' Fly (PNF/PNP) or Kit

One of these:


PNF (or "PNP") versions include motor, propeller and electronic speed controller. The "kit" version does not include these components, which must be purchased separately.

# Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

One of these (any small (>=12A) ESC will do):

# Autopilot and Essential Components

# 布线

Wire the servos and motors as shown. Use the MAIN outputs (not the ones labeled with AUX). The motor controller needs to have an in-built BEC, as the autopilot is not powering the servo rail.

Port 接口定义
RC IN PPM or S.BUS / S.BUS2 input
MAIN 1 Left Aileron
MAIN 2 Right Aileron
MAIN 3 空白
MAIN 4 Motor 1

# Build Log

The images below give a rough idea about the assembly process, which is simple and can be done with a hot glue gun.

wing wing build01 wing wing build02 wing wing build03 wing wing build04 wing wing build09 Wing Wing Z-84 build

# PX4 Configuration

# Airframe Configuration

Select Flying Wing > Generic Flying Wing in the QGroundControl Airframe Configuration:

QGC - select firmware for West Wing

# Actuator Mapping

Set up the Actuator Configuration to match the wiring for the ailerons and throttle as indicated above.

QGC - set the actuators

# Other Configuration

Perform all the the other Basic Configuration, including Autotuning.

Advanced tuning is optional - see Fixed-wing Vehicle Configuration.