# AirSim Simulation


This simulator is community supported and maintained. It may or may not work with current versions of PX4.

See Toolchain Installation for information about the environments and tools supported by the core development team.

AirSim (opens new window) is a open-source, cross platform simulator for drones, built on Unreal Engine. It provides physically and visually realistic simulations of Pixhawk/PX4 using either Hardware-In-The-Loop (HITL) or Software-In-The-Loop (SITL).

# PX4 Setup

PX4 Setup for AirSim (opens new window) describes how to use PX4 with AirSim using both SITL (opens new window) and HITL (opens new window).

# Videos

# AirSim with PX4 on WSL 2


2 is not a supported PX4 Windows development environment, mainly because it is non-trivial to display simulator UIs running within WSL 2 in the normal Windows environment. This limitation does not apply for AirSim because its UI is run natively in Windows.

# Microsoft AirSim: Applications to Research and Industry (PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020)

# Autonomous Drone Inspections using AirSim and PX4 (PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020)

# Further Information