# Airspeed Sensors

Airspeed sensors are highly recommended for fixed-wing and VTOL frames. They are so important because the autopilot does not have other means to detect stall. For fixed-wing flight it is the airspeed that guarantees lift — not ground speed!

Digital airspeed sensor

# Hardware Options

Recommended digital airspeed sensors include:

All the above sensors are connected via the I2C bus/port.


Additionally, the Avionics Anonymous Air Data Computer (opens new window) can be connected to the CAN bus to determine not only high-accuracy airspeed, but also true static pressure and air temperature via onboard barometer and an OAT probe.

# Configuration

# Enable Airspeed Sensors

Airspeed sensor drivers are not started automatically. Enable each type using its corresponding parameter:

You should also check ASPD_PRIMARY is 1 (see next section - this is the default).

# Multiple Airspeed Sensors


Using multiple airspeed sensors is experimental.

If you have multiple airspeed sensors then you can select which sensor is preferred as the primary source using ASPD_PRIMARY, where 1, 2 and 3 reflect the order in which the airspeed sensors were started:

  • 0: Synthetic airspeed estimation (groundspeed minus windspeed)
  • 1: First airspeed sensor started (default)
  • 2: Second airspeed sensor started
  • 3: Third airspeed sensor started

The airspeed selector validates the indicated sensor first and only falls back to other sensors if the indicated sensor fails airspeed checks (ASPD_DO_CHECKS is used to configure the checks).

The selected sensor is then used to supply data to the estimator (EKF2) and the controllers.

# Sensor-specific Configuration

Other than enabling the sensor, sensor-specific configuration is often not required. If it is needed, it should be covered in the appropriate sensor page (for example TFSLOT > Configuration).

The specific configuration for sensors that do not have a separate page is listed below:

# Calibration

Airspeed sensors should be calibrated by following the instructions: Basic Configuration > Airspeed.

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