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Airspeed sensors are highly recommended for fixed-wing and VTOL frames. They are so important because the autopilot does not have other means to detect stall. For fixed-wing flight it is the airspeed that guarantees lift — not ground speed!

디지털 풍속 센서

하드웨어 옵션

권장 디지털 속도 센서는 다음과 같습니다.

위의 센서들은 I2C 버스/포트를 통해 연결됩니다.


Additionally, the Avionics Anonymous Air Data Computer can be connected to the CAN bus to determine not only high-accuracy airspeed, but also true static pressure and air temperature via onboard barometer and an OAT probe.


Enable Airspeed Sensors

Airspeed sensor drivers are not started automatically. Enable each type using its corresponding parameter:

You should also check ASPD_PRIMARY is 1 (see next section - this is the default).

Multiple Airspeed Sensors


Experimental Using multiple airspeed sensors is experimental.

If you have multiple airspeed sensors then you can select which sensor is preferred as the primary source using ASPD_PRIMARY, where 1, 2 and 3 reflect the order in which the airspeed sensors were started:

  • 0: Synthetic airspeed estimation (groundspeed minus windspeed)
  • 1: First airspeed sensor started (default)
  • 2: Second airspeed sensor started
  • 3: Third airspeed sensor started

The airspeed selector validates the indicated sensor first and only falls back to other sensors if the indicated sensor fails airspeed checks (ASPD_DO_CHECKS is used to configure the checks).

The selected sensor is then used to supply data to the estimator (EKF2) and the controllers.

Sensor-specific Configuration

Other than enabling the sensor, sensor-specific configuration is often not required. If it is needed, it should be covered in the appropriate sensor page (for example TFSLOT > Configuration).

The specific configuration for sensors that do not have a separate page is listed below:


Airspeed sensors should be calibrated by following the instructions: Basic Configuration > Airspeed.

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