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Telemetry Radios can (optionally) be used to provide a wireless MAVLink connection between a ground control station like QGroundControl and a vehicle running PX4. 这使得飞机飞行时调试、检查数传、更改任务等等成为了可能。


PX4 协议兼容 SiK 电台,并且可以即插即用(尽管你可能需要使用适当的连接器)。

WIFI 数传通常具有更短的范围、更高的数据速率,并且可以更轻松地支持FPV/视频源。 Wifi电台的一个好处是, 您只需为您的车辆购买一个无线电设备(假设地面站已经有WIFI)。

PX4 does not support connecting an LTE USB module to the flight controller (and sending MAVLink traffic via the Internet). You can however connect an LTE module to a companion computer and use it to route MAVLink traffic from the flight controller. For more information see: Companion Computer Peripherals > Data Telephony.

Allowed Frequency Bands

Radio bands allowed for use with drones differ between continents, regions, countries, and even states. You should select a telemetry radio that uses a frequency range that is allowed in the areas where you plan on using the drone.

Low power SiK radios, such as the Holybro Telemetry Radio, are often available in 915 MHz and 433 MHz variants. While you should check applicable laws in your country/state, broadly speaking 915 MHz can be used in the US, while 433 MHz can be used in EU, Africa, Oceania, and most of Asia.