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ROS 2는 PX4 자동조종장치와 사용하여 강력한 드론 애플리케이션을 만들 수 있는 범용 로봇 라이브러리인 ROS(Robot Operating System)의 최신 버전입니다. It captures most of the learnings and features of ROS 1, improving a number of flaws of the earlier version.


Tip PX4 개발 팀은 이 버전의 ROS를 마이그레이션할 것을 적극 권장합니다!

Communication between ROS 2 and PX4 uses middleware that implements the XRCE-DDS protocol. This middleware exposes PX4 uORB messages as ROS 2 messages and types, effectively allowing direct access to PX4 from ROS 2 workflows and nodes. The middleware uses uORB message definitions to generate code to serialise and deserialise the messages heading in and out of PX4. These same message definitions are used in ROS 2 applications to allow the messages to be interpreted.

To use the ROS 2 over XRCE-DDS effectively, you must (at time of writing) have a reasonable understanding of the PX4 internal architecture and conventions, which differ from those used by ROS. In the near term future we plan to provide ROS 2 APIs to abstract PX4 conventions, along with examples demonstrating their use.

이 섹션의 주요 주제는 다음과 같습니다.


ROS 2 is officially supported only on Linux platforms. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS는 공식적으로 지원되는 배포판입니다.

ROS 2 can also connect with PX4 using MAVROS (instead of XRCE-DDS). This option is supported by the MAVROS project.

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