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CUAV P8 Telemetry Radio

CUAV P8 Radio is a long range (>60km) and high data rate (375 Kbps) remote data transmission module for drones that works plug-and-play with PX4.

It supports multiple modes such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and relay communication.

CUAV P8 Radio

Key Features

  • Long range: >60km (depending on the antenna and environment, up to 100 km).
  • Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and repeater modes.
  • Up to 2W power (fixed frequency 2W; frequency hopping 1W)
  • Up to 345 Kbps transfer rate.
  • Supports 12v~60V operating voltage.
  • Unit can operate either as ground station modem or aircraft modem.
  • Independent power supply for more stable operation
  • USB Type-C port, integrated USB to UART converter

Where to Buy

PX4 Configuration

The CUAV P8 Radio comes pre-configured (baud rate 57600, broadcast mode) for use with PX4. It should require no additional setup if connected to TELEM1 OR TELEM2.

On some flight controllers, or if used with a different serial port, you may need to configure the port for MAVLink communication.


P8 Configuration provides full information about radio configuration, if required.


P8 pinouts

Data Port

pinC-RTK GPS 6PpinPixhawk standard pins


P8 wiring

Connect the CUAV P8 Radio to the TELEM1/TELEM2 interface of the flight controller and use a battery or BEC to power the module. The required cables are included in the package.


CUAV P8 Radio does not support power supply from the flight controller, it needs to be connected to a 12~60v battery or BEC.

More information

P8 manual

CUAV P8 Radio (Official Guide)