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Modules Reference: Camera (Driver)


Source: drivers/camera_trigger


Camera trigger driver.

This module triggers cameras that are connected to the flight-controller outputs, or simple MAVLink cameras that implement the MAVLink trigger protocol.

The driver responds to the following MAVLink trigger commands being found in missions or recieved over MAVLink:


The commands cause the driver to trigger camera image capture based on time or distance. Each time an image capture is triggered, the CAMERA_TRIGGER MAVLink message is emitted.

A "simple MAVLink camera" is one that supports the above command set. When configured for this kind of camera, all the driver does is emit the CAMERA_TRIGGER MAVLink message as expected. The incoming commands must be forwarded to the MAVLink camera, and are automatically emitted to MAVLink channels when found in missions.

The driver is configured using Camera Trigger parameters. In particular:

  • TRIG_INTERFACE - How the camera is connected to flight controller (PWM, GPIO, Seagull, MAVLink)
  • TRIG_MODE - Distance or time based triggering, with values set by TRIG_DISTANCE and TRIG_INTERVAL.

Setup/usage information.


camera_trigger <command> [arguments...]

   stop          Stop driver

   status        Print driver status information

   test          Trigger one image (not logged or forwarded to GCS)

   test_power    Toggle power