# Complete Vehicles

This section contains information about "complete" vehicles that can PX4. It lists ready-to-use commercial vehicles, drone "platforms" on which you might base your own development, and kits that you can use to assemble an unmanned vehicle from parts.


This is a small subset of vehicles that can run PX4. You can find others on px4.io (opens new window) and in the Airframes Reference.

# Fully Assembled (PX4 Preinstalled)

This section lists vehicles that are sold fully assembled and ready to fly (RTF), with PX4 installed.

# Fully Assembled (PX4 Compatible)

This section lists fully assembled vehicles where you can update the software to run PX4.

# Drone Development Kits/Reference Platforms

This section lists drone kits that are intended as platforms for further development. They may come either fully assembled or in parts.

# UAV Kits

This section list kits that contains all the parts needed for building a PX4-compatible vehicle (with the possible exception of batteries and RC controllers).


Kits provide a gentler introduction to building drones than starting from individual components. They allow you to use parts that are known to work, and to fly a vehicle that is appropriately tuned.

# Fully Assembled (Custom PX4)

This section contains consumer vehicles that run a custom version of PX4 (supported by their vendors). These may or may not be updatable to run "vanilla" PX4.