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We'd love your help to translate QGroundControl, PX4 Metadata (in QGC), and our guides for PX4, QGroundControl and MAVLink!

Our docs (and QGroundControl) use the Crowdin online tool for translation. Crowdin automatically imports source topics from Github and presents new and changed strings for translation and/or review (approval).

Crowdin exports the translated documents back out to Github as a "Pull Request" (which the development team periodically review and accept). The exported output contains the source document with any translated and approved text replaced with translated strings (i.e. if a string is not translated/is changed, then it will be displayed in English).


You will need a (free) Crowdin account account to join the translation team!


The benefit of this system is that the translation closely tracks the source documents. Readers will not be mislead by old and out of date translations.

Getting Started

The steps to join our translation tream are:

  1. Join Crowdin:

  2. Open the translation project you want to join:

  3. Select the language you want to translate

  4. Click the Join button (next to the text You must join the translators team to be able to participate in this project)


    You will be notified once your application to join is accepted.

  5. Start translating!

Special Notes

Do not modify prefix text

Vuepress uses ::: to mark the beginning of notes, tips and warning:

:::tip The text for the tip. :::

The text for :::tip or :::warning etc. should not be modified as it defines the colour of the notebox.

Adding a New Language

If the language you want to translate is not available then you will need to request it by contacting the project owner (there is a contact link on each project's home page).


Maintaining a translation is hard! Before you ask us to create a new language, please find a few other people to help you translate!

Getting Help

The Crowdin interface is self explanatory, but there is plenty of additional information on the knowledgeable.

You can also ask for help from translators and developers in the Dronecode community using our support channels.