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The CUAV C-RTK GPS receiver is an RTK GPS module for the mass market. A complete RTK system consists of at least two C-RTK modules (one for the base station and the others for the aircraft). Using RTK, PX4 can get its position with centimetre-level accuracy, which is much more accurate than can be provided by a normal GPS.

Where to Buy


RTK setup and use on PX4 via QGroundControl is largely plug and play (see RTK GPS for more information).

Wiring and Connections

C-RTK GPS comes with a cable that terminates in a 6-pin connector and 4-pin connector that are compatible with Pixhack v3. The 6-pin connector provides the interface for RTK GPS, and should be connected to the flight controller's GPS port. The 4-pin connector is an m8n (standard) GPS interface that is intended for (optional) use as a second GPS.


At time of writing PX4 does not yet fully support a second GPS. The 4-pin port need not be connected.

The cables/connectors may need to be modified in order to connect to other flight controller boards. The pin mappings for Pixhawk 3 Pro and Pixracer are shown below.


The C-RTK GPS pinout is provided below. This can be used to help modify the connector for other autopilot boards.

pinC-RTK GPS 6PpinPixhawk 3 Pro GPSC-RTK GPS 4P