# FunCub QuadPlane (Pixhawk)

The Fun Cub QuadPlane VTOL is a standard tailplane aircraft (the Multiplex FunCub) that has been retrofitted with a QuadCopter system.

Key information:

  • Frame: Multiplex FunCub
  • Flight controller: Pixhawk

Fun Cub VTOL

Unmodified, the Fun Cub is a relatively affordable plane and relatively easy to fly. After the conversion the plane is significantly heavier and less aerodynamic. It still flies quite well but needs around 75% throttle in forward flight.

# Bill of Materials

The actual plane looks roughly like as shown in the image above (other similar models will work just fine - this is a Multiplex Fun Cub). The minimal equipment required is:

  • Multiplex FunCub (or similar)
  • Pixhawk or compatible
  • Digital airspeed sensor
  • 900 kV motors (e.g. Iris propulsion set - motors and ESC)
  • 10" props for quad motors (10x45 or 10x47)
  • 10" prop for fixed-wing motor (10×7)
  • GPS module
  • 4S battery
  • Aluminum frame for mounting the quad motors (10x10mm square tube, 1mm wall thickness)
  • TOW is ~2.3kg with a 4200mAh 4S battery

# Structure

The structure is made out of aluminum booms as shown below.

quad_frame Fun Cub -frame for vtol mounted

# Wiring

The outputs of Pixhawk should be wired like this (orientation as seen like "sitting in the plane").


The servo direction can be reversed using the PWM_MAIN_REVn parameters in the PWM_OUTPUT group of QGroundControl (cogwheel tab, last item in the left menu).

Port Connection
MAIN 1 Front right motor (CCW)
MAIN 2 Back left motor (CCW)
MAIN 3 Front left motor (CW)
MAIN 4 Back right motor (CW)
AUX 1 Left aileron TODO
AUX 2 Right aileron
AUX 3 Elevator
AUX 4 Rudder
AUX 5 Throttle

For further instructions on wiring and configurations please see: Standard VTOL Wiring and Configuration.

# Airframe Configuration

Configure the frame as shown in QGroundControl below (do not forget to click Apply and Restart in the top).

QCG - Select Fun Cub Quad firmware

# Video

# Support

If you have any questions regarding your VTOL conversion or configuration please visit https://discuss.px4.io/c/px4/vtol (opens new window).