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Mission Mode (VTOL)

Mission mode causes the vehicle to execute a predefined autonomous mission (flight plan) that has been uploaded to the flight controller. The mission is typically created and uploaded with a Ground Control Station (GCS) application like QGroundControl (QGC).

VTOL vehicles follow the behavior and parameters of fixed-wing when in FW mode, and of multicopter when in MC mode. For more information see the specific docs for each mode:

The following sections outline mission mode behaviour that is VTOL specificL.

Mission Commands

The following VTOL-specific commands are as defined in the MAVLink specification.

Otherwise PX4 generally "accepts" the mission commands for fixed wing or multicopter when in the respective modes.

In fixed-wing mode there are the following exceptions:

Mission Takeoff

Plan a VTOL mission takeoff by adding a VTOL Takeoff mission item to the map.

During mission execution the vehicle will ascend vertically to the minimum takeoff altitude defined in the MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT parameter, then transition to fixed-wing mode with the heading defined in the mission item. After transitioning the vehicle heads towards the 3D position defined in the mission item.

A VTOL mission requires a VTOL Takeoff mission item (MAV_CMD_NAV_VTOL_TAKEOFF) to takeoff (or a MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF when the vehicle is in MC mode); if however the vehicle is already flying when the mission is started the takeoff item will be treated as a normal waypoint.

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