# Gazebo Vehicles

This topic lists/displays the vehicles supported by the PX4 Gazebo simulation, and the make commands required to run them (the commands are run from a terminal in the PX4-Autopilot directory).

The models are included in PX4 as a submodule that is fetched from the Gazebo Models Repository.

Supported vehicle types include: mutirotor, VTOL, Plane.


See Gazebo Classic Vehicles for vehicles that work with the older Gazebo "Classic" simulation. Note that vehicle models are not interchangable between the two versions of the simulator: the vehicles on this page only work with (new) Gazebo.

# Multicopter

# X500 Quadrotor

make px4_sitl gz_x500

# X500 Quadrotor with Visual Odometry

make px4_sitl gz_x500_vision

x500 in Gazebo

# X500 Quadrotor with Depth Camera

These models have a depth camera attached, modelled on the OAK-D.

Forward-facing depth camera:

make px4_sitl gz_x500_depth

x500 with depth camera in Gazebo

# X500 Quadrotor with Monocular Camera

This models has a simple monocular camera sensor attached (there is no physical camera visualization on the model itself).

make px4_sitl gz_x500_mono_cam


The camera cannot yet be used to stream video or for image capture in QGroundControl. PX4-Autopilot#22563 (opens new window) can be used to track the additional work needed to fully enable these use cases.

# Plane/Fixed-wing

# Standard Plane

make px4_sitl gz_rc_cessna

Plane in Gazebo

# Advanced Plane

make px4_sitl gz_advanced_plane

Advanced Plane in Gazebo


The difference between the Advanced Plane and the "regular plane" lies in the Lift Physics that the two models use:


# Standard VTOL

make px4_sitl gz_standard_vtol

Standard VTOL in Gazebo Classic