# Standard Configuration

This section covers the common software configuration and calibration needed for most PX4 vehicles.

You must first load firmware and select your vehicle frame/type. Most other steps can be done out of order, except for tuning, which must be done last.

# Preconditions

Before starting you should Download QGroundControl (opens new window) and install it on your desktop computer. Then open the QGC application menu ("Q" icon in the top-left corner) and choose Vehicle Setup in the Select Tool popup:

QGC Main Menu Popup: highlighting Vehicle Setup

# Configuration Steps

# Firmware/Vehicle Selection

# Motor/Actuator Setup

# Sensor Calibration

Note: Setup for optional sensors and specific hardware is provided in Flight Controller Peripherals.

# Manual Control Setup

Radio Control:


# Safety Configuration

# Tuning

  • Autotune (Recommended on vehicles and frames that support it)

# Video Guide

The video below shows most of the calibration process (it uses an older version of QGroundControl, but most of the process is unchanged).

# Support

If you need help with the configuration you can ask for help on the QGroundControl Support forum (opens new window).

# See Also