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This section covers the common software configuration and calibration needed for most PX4 vehicles.

You must first load firmware and select your vehicle frame/type. Most other steps can be done out of order, except for tuning, which must be done last.


Before starting you should Download QGroundControl and install it on your desktop computer. Then open the QGC application menu ("Q" icon in the top-left corner) and choose Vehicle Setup in the Select Tool popup:

QGC Main Menu Popup: highlighting Vehicle Setup

Configuration Steps

Firmware/Vehicle Selection

Motor/Actuator Setup

Sensor Calibration

Setup for these and other sensors is located in Sensor Hardware & Setup.

Manual Control Setup

Radio Control:


Safety Configuration


Auto-tuning is supported, and recommended, on the following frames:


The video below shows most of the calibration process (it uses an older version of QGroundControl, but most of the process is unchanged).


If you need help with the configuration you can ask for help on the QGroundControl Support forum.

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