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环绕模式 (多旋翼)


The Orbit guided flight mode allows you to command a multicopter (or VTOL in multicopter mode) to fly in a circle at a particular location, by default yawing so that it always faces towards the center.


  • Mode is automatic - no user intervention is required to control the vehicle.
  • Mode requires at least a valid local position estimate (does not require a global position).
    • Flying vehicles can't switch to this mode without valid local position.
    • Flying vehicles will failsafe if they lose the position estimate.
  • Mode prevents arming (vehicle must be armed when switching to this mode).
  • Mode requires wind and flight time are within allowed limits (specified via parameters).
  • This mode is currently only supported on multicopter (or VTOL in MC mode).
  • RC stick movement can control ascent/descent and orbit speed and direction.
  • The mode can be triggered using the MAV_CMD_DO_ORBIT MAVLink command. :::



Orbit Mode - MC

QGroundControl (or other compatible GCS or MAVLink API) is required to enable the mode, and to set the center position, initial radius and altitude of the orbit. Once enabled the vehicle will fly as fast as possible to the closest point on the commanded circle trajectory and do a slow (1m/s) clockwise orbit on the planned circle, facing the center.

Instructions for how to start an orbit can be found here: FlyView > Orbit Location (QGroundControl guide).


The use of an RC control is optional. If no RC control is present the orbit will proceed as described above. 无法使用遥控来启动该模式(如果使用遥控切换该模式,无人机会处于空闲状态)。


  • 左摇杆:
    • up/down: controls speed of ascent/descent, as in Position mode. When in center deadzone, altitude is locked.
    • left/right: no effect.
  • 右摇杆:
    • left/right: controls acceleration of orbit in clockwise/counter-clockwise directions. When centered the current speed is locked.
      • 最大速度为 10 m/s,进一步的限制是将向心加速度保持在 2 m/s^2 以下。
    • up/down: controls orbit radius (smaller/bigger). When centered the current radius is locked.
      • 最小半径是 1 米。 最大半径是 100 米。

下图直观的显示了模式行为(对于一个模式 2 发送器)。

Orbit Mode - MC

切换到其他飞行模式(使用遥控或 QGC 地面站)可以停止此模式。




  • 初始/默认是顺时针方向 1 m/s 旋转。
  • 最大加速度限制在 2 2 m/s^2,优先保持控制的圆周轨迹而不是地速(即, 如果加速度超过 2 m/s^2,无人机将减速以达到正确的圆周)。
  • 最大半径是 100 米。

环绕模式使用以下 MAVLink 命令:

  • MAV_CMD_DO_ORBIT - 启动一个指定中心点,半径,方向,高度,速度和偏航方向的轨道(无人机默认朝向轨道中心)。
  • ORBIT_EXECUTION_STATUS - 在轨道模式发出的轨道状态,以更新当前轨道参数的 GCS(可以由遥控改这些参数)。