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LightWare SF1X/SF02/LW20 Lidar

LightWare develops a range of light-weight, general purpose, laser altimeters ("Lidar") suitable for mounting on UAVs. These are useful for applications including terrain following, precision hovering (e.g. for photography), warning of regulatory height limits, anti-collision sensing etc.

LightWare SF11/C Lidar

Supported Models

The following models are supported by PX4, and can be connected to either the I2C or Serial bus (the tables below indicates what bus can be used for each model).


ModelRange (m)Bus参数描述
SF11/C100Serial or I2C bus
LW20/C100I2C busWaterproofed (IP67) with servo for sense-and-avoid applications


The following models are no longer available from the manufacturer.

SF10/A25Serial or I2C
SF10/B50Serial or I2C
SF10/C100mSerial or I2C
LW20/B50I2C bus

I2C Setup

Check the tables above to confirm that which models can be connected to the I2C port.

Lidar Configuration

This hardware does not ship with Pixhawk I2C compatibility enabled by default. To enable support, you have to download LightWare Studio and got to Parameters > Communication and tick mark I2C compatibility mode (Pixhawk)

LightWare SF11/C Lidar-I2C Config


Connect the Lidar the autopilot I2C port as shown below (in this case, for the Pixhawk 1).

SF1XX LIDAR to I2C connection

Some older revisions cannot be used with PX4. Specifically they may be miss-configured to have an I2C address equal to 0x55, which conflicts with rgbled module. On Linux systems you may be able to determine the address using i2cdetect. If the I2C address is equal to 0x66 the sensor can be used with PX4.

Parameter Setup

Set the SENS_EN_SF1XX parameter to match the rangefinder model and then reboot.

Serial Setup


The lidar can be connected to any unused serial port (UART), e.g.: TELEM2, TELEM3, GPS2 etc.

Parameter Setup

Configure the serial port on which the lidar will run using SENS_SF0X_CFG. There is no need to set the baud rate for the port, as this is configured by the driver.

If the configuration parameter is not available in QGroundControl then you may need to add the driver to the firmware.

Then set the SENS_EN_SF0X parameter to match the rangefinder model and reboot.