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PX4 does not manufacture this (or any) autopilot. Contact the manufacturer for hardware support or compliance issues.


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This quick start guide shows how to power the Pixracer flight controller and connect its most important peripherals.

Wiring Guides/Assembly

Grau pixracer double


Grau setup pixracer top

Grau setup pixracer bottom

Radio/Remote Control

A remote control (RC) radio system is required if you want to manually control your vehicle (PX4 does not require a radio system for autonomous flight modes).

You will need to select a compatible transmitter/receiver and then bind them so that they communicate (read the instructions that come with your specific transmitter/receiver).

The instructions below show how to connect the different types of receivers:

  • Frsky 的接收机通过所示的端口连接, 并可以使用提供的 I/o 连接器。

    Grau b Pixracer FrSkyS接口连接

    Pixracer FrSkyS接口连接

  • PPM-SUM and S.BUS receivers connect to the RCIN port.


  • PPM and PWM receivers that have an individual wire for each channel must connect to the RCIN port via a PPM encoder like this one (PPM-Sum receivers use a single signal wire for all channels).

电源模块 (ASCP4)

Grau ACSP4 2 roh

External Telemetry

Pixracer has inbuilt WiFi, but also supports telemetry via external Wi-Fi or radio telemetry modules connected to the TELEM1 or TELEM2 ports. This is shown in the wiring diagram below.

Pixracer external telemtry options

The TELEM2 port must be configured as a second MAVLink instance using the MAV_2_CONFIG parameter. For more information see MAVLink Peripherals > MAVLink Instances (and Serial Port Configuration).