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EKF2 is the default and should be used unless you have a reason not to (in particular on vehicles with a GNSS/GPS). The Q-Estimator can be used if you don't have GPS, and is commonly used in multicopter racers.



  • EKF2 attitude, position and wind states estimator (recommended) - An extended Kalman filter estimating attitude, 3D position / velocity and wind states.

  • LPE position estimator (deprecated) - An extended Kalman filter for 3D position and velocity states.


LPE is deprecated. It works (at time of writing, in PX4 v1.14) but is no longer supported or maintained. :::

  • Q attitude estimator - A very simple, quaternion based complementary filter for attitude. It does not require a GPS, magnetometer, or barometer.


To enable a particular estimator enable its parameter and disable the others:

  • EKF2_EN - EKF2 (default/recommended)
  • ATT_EN - Q Estimator (quaternion based attitude estimator)
  • LPE_EN - LPE (not supported for Fixed-wing)


It is important to enable one, and only one, estimator. If more than one is enabled, the first to publish the UOrb topics vehicle_attitude or vehicle_local_position is used. If none are enabled then the topics are not published.

:::note 仅对于 FMU-v2 你也需要生成 PX4 以具体包含所需的估计器 (例如EKF2: make px4_fmu-v2, LPE: make px4_fmu-v2_lpe)。 这是因为 FMU-v2 不具有足够的资源同时包含这两个估计器。 其他的 Pixhawk FMU 版本同时拥有两个估计器。 :::