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PX4 has a flexible control allocation system that allows it to support almost any imaginable vehicle type/frame through a single codebase:

  • **固定翼飞机:**普通飞机, 飞翼, 倒V尾飞机等。
  • **多旋翼:**直升机,三轴,四轴,六轴,dodecarotors等许多不同的几何图形。
  • **VTOL机体:**VTOL配置包括:Tailsitters、Tiltrotors和QuadPlanes(平面+四)。
  • **UGVs/Rovers:**为无人驾驶地面车辆提供了基本支助, 既能实现手动操作, 也能进行基于任务的控制。


本节提供给希望向PX4添加对新车辆或车辆类型的支持的开发人员相关的信息, 包括仍在开发中的车辆的生成日志。

PX4 is also well-suited for use in other vehicle types and general robots, ranging from submarine, boats, or amphibious vehicles, through to experimental aircraft and rockets. Let us know if you have a new vehicle or frame-type you want to help support in PX4.

Build logs for some of the supported airframes can be found in Airframe/Vehicle Builds.