# VOXL 2 Starling PX4 Development Drone

The Starling (opens new window) is a SLAM development drone supercharged by VOXL 2 and PX4 with SWAP-optimized sensors and payloads optimized for indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation. Powered by Blue UAS Framework autopilot, VOXL 2, the Starling weighs only 275g and boasts an impressive 30 minutes of autonomous indoor flight time.


The VOXL 2 Starling is a PX4 development drone that houses a VOXL 2 companion computer and PX4 flight controller, image sensors, GPS, and connectivity modem and is ready-to-fly out-of-the-box. The Starling features ModalAI’s open SDK (opens new window) that has pre-configured autonomy models for computer vision assisted flight. This development drone is meant to help you get to market faster and accelerate your application development and prototyping.

This guide explains the minimal additional setup required to get the UAV ready to fly. It also covers a hardware overview, first flight, setting up WiFi, and more.


For complete and regularly updated documentation, please visit https://docs.modalai.com/starling-v2 (opens new window).


If you are new to VOXL, be sure to familiarize yourself with the core features of VOXL hardware and software by reviewing the VOXL Bootcamp (opens new window)

# Where to Buy

modalai.com/starling (opens new window)

# Hardware Overview

Hardware Overview

Callout Description MPN
A VOXL 2 MDK-M0054-1
B VOXL 4-in-1 ESC MDK-M0117-1
C Barometer Shield Cap M10000533
D ToF Image Sensor (PMD) MDK-M0040
E Tracking Image Sensor (OV7251) M0014
F Hires Image Sensor (IMX214) M0025-2
G AC600 WiFi Dongle AWUS036EACS
H GNSS GPS Module & Compass M10-5883
I 915MHz ELRS Receiver BetaFPV Nano RX
J USB C Connector on VOXL 2 (not shown)
K VOXL Power Module MCCA-M0041-5-B-T
L 4726FM Propellor M10000302
M Motor 1504
N XT30 Power Connector

# Datasheet

# Specifications

Component Specification
Autopilot VOXL2
Take-off Weight 275g (172g without battery)
Diagonal Size 211mm
Flight Time >30 minutes
Motors 1504
Propellers 120mm
Frame 3mm Carbon Fiber
ESC ModalAI VOXL 4-in-1 ESC V2
GPS UBlox M10
RC Receiver 915mhz ELRS
Power Module ModalAI Power Module v3 - 5V/6A
Battery Sony VTC6 3000mah 2S, or any 2S 18650 battery with XT30 connector
Height 83mm
Width 187mm (Props folded)
Length 142mm (Props folded)

# Hardware Wiring Diagram

Hardware Overview

# Tutorial Videos