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GeneratorStatus (UORB message)

source file

uint64 timestamp            # time since system start (microseconds)

uint64 STATUS_FLAG_OFF                              = 1       # Generator is off.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_READY                            = 2       # Generator is ready to start generating power.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_GENERATING                       = 4       # Generator is generating power.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_CHARGING                         = 8       # Generator is charging the batteries (generating enough power to charge and provide the load).
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_REDUCED_POWER                    = 16      # Generator is operating at a reduced maximum power.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_MAXPOWER                         = 32      # Generator is providing the maximum output.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_OVERTEMP_WARNING                 = 64      # Generator is near the maximum operating temperature, cooling is insufficient.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_OVERTEMP_FAULT                   = 128     # Generator hit the maximum operating temperature and shutdown.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_ELECTRONICS_OVERTEMP_WARNING     = 256     # Power electronics are near the maximum operating temperature, cooling is insufficient.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_ELECTRONICS_OVERTEMP_FAULT       = 512     # Power electronics hit the maximum operating temperature and shutdown.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_ELECTRONICS_FAULT                = 1024    # Power electronics experienced a fault and shutdown.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_POWERSOURCE_FAULT                = 2048    # The power source supplying the generator failed e.g. mechanical generator stopped, tether is no longer providing power, solar cell is in shade, hydrogen reaction no longer happening.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_COMMUNICATION_WARNING            = 4096    # Generator controller having communication problems.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_COOLING_WARNING                  = 8192    # Power electronic or generator cooling system error.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_POWER_RAIL_FAULT                 = 16384   # Generator controller power rail experienced a fault.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_OVERCURRENT_FAULT                = 32768   # Generator controller exceeded the overcurrent threshold and shutdown to prevent damage.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_BATTERY_OVERCHARGE_CURRENT_FAULT = 65536   # Generator controller detected a high current going into the batteries and shutdown to prevent battery damage. |
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_OVERVOLTAGE_FAULT                = 131072  # Generator controller exceeded it's overvoltage threshold and shutdown to prevent it exceeding the voltage rating.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_BATTERY_UNDERVOLT_FAULT          = 262144  # Batteries are under voltage (generator will not start).
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_START_INHIBITED                  = 524288  # Generator start is inhibited by e.g. a safety switch.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_MAINTENANCE_REQUIRED             = 1048576 # Generator requires maintenance.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_WARMING_UP                       = 2097152 # Generator is not ready to generate yet.
uint64 STATUS_FLAG_IDLE                             = 4194304 # Generator is idle.

uint64 status                      # Status flags

float32 battery_current            # [A] Current into/out of battery. Positive for out. Negative for in. NaN: field not provided.
float32 load_current               # [A] Current going to the UAV. If battery current not available this is the DC current from the generator. Positive for out. Negative for in. NaN: field not provided
float32 power_generated            # [W] The power being generated. NaN: field not provided
float32 bus_voltage                # [V] Voltage of the bus seen at the generator, or battery bus if battery bus is controlled by generator and at a different voltage to main bus.
float32 bat_current_setpoint       # [A] The target battery current. Positive for out. Negative for in. NaN: field not provided

uint32 runtime                     # [s] Seconds this generator has run since it was rebooted. UINT32_MAX: field not provided.

int32 time_until_maintenance       # [s] Seconds until this generator requires maintenance.  A negative value indicates maintenance is past-due. INT32_MAX: field not provided.

uint16 generator_speed             # [rpm] Speed of electrical generator or alternator. UINT16_MAX: field not provided.

int16 rectifier_temperature        # [degC] The temperature of the rectifier or power converter. INT16_MAX: field not provided.
int16 generator_temperature        # [degC] The temperature of the mechanical motor, fuel cell core or generator. INT16_MAX: field not provided.