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Takeoff Mode (Multicopter)

The Takeoff flight mode causes the vehicle to take off to a specified height and wait for further input.


  • Mode is automatic - no user intervention is required to control the vehicle.
  • Mode requires at least a valid local position estimate (does not require a global position).
    • Flying vehicles can't switch to this mode without valid local position.
    • Flying vehicles will failsafe if they lose the position estimate.
    • Disarmed vehicles can switch to mode without valid position estimate but can't arm.
  • RC control switches can be used to change flight modes.
  • RC stick movement will by default change the vehicle to Position mode unless handling a critical battery failsafe.
  • The Failure Detector will automatically stop the engines if there is a problem on takeoff.

Technical Summary

A multi rotor ascends vertically to the altitude defined in MIS_TAKEOFF_ALT and holds position.

RC stick movement will change the vehicle to Position mode (by default).


Takeoff is affected by the following parameters:

MIS_TAKEOFF_ALTTarget altitude during takeoff (default: 2.5m)
MPC_TKO_SPEEDSpeed of ascent (default: 1.5m/s)
COM_RC_OVERRIDEControls whether stick movement on a multicopter (or VTOL in MC mode) causes a mode change to Position mode. This can be separately enabled for auto modes and for offboard mode, and is enabled in auto modes by default.
COM_RC_STICK_OVThe amount of stick movement that causes a transition to Position mode (if COM_RC_OVERRIDE is enabled)

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