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Land Mode (Multicopter)

The Land flight mode causes the vehicle to land at the position where the mode was engaged. The vehicle will disarm shortly after landing (by default).


  • Mode is automatic - no user intervention is required to control the vehicle.
  • Mode requires at least a valid local position estimate (does not require a global position).
    • Flying vehicles can't switch to this mode without valid local position.
    • Flying vehicles will failsafe if they lose the position estimate.
  • Mode prevents arming (vehicle must be armed when switching to this mode).
  • RC control switches can be used to change flight modes on any vehicle.
  • RC stick movement in a multicopter (or VTOL in multicopter mode) will by default change the vehicle to Position mode unless handling a critical battery failsafe.
  • The mode can be triggered using the MAV_CMD_NAV_LAND MAVLink command, or by explicitly switching to Land mode.

Technical Summary

The vehicle will land at the location at which the mode was engaged. The vehicle descends at the rate specified in MPC_LAND_SPEED and will disarm after landing (by default).

RC stick movement will change the vehicle to Position mode (by default).


Land mode behaviour can be configured using the parameters below.

MPC_LAND_SPEEDThe rate of descent during landing. This should be kept fairly low as the ground conditions are not known.
COM_DISARM_LANDTime-out for auto disarm after landing, in seconds. If set to -1 the vehicle will not disarm on landing.
COM_RC_OVERRIDEControls whether stick movement on a multicopter (or VTOL in MC mode) causes a mode change to Position mode. This can be separately enabled for auto modes and for offboard mode, and is enabled in auto modes by default.
COM_RC_STICK_OVThe amount of stick movement that causes a transition to Position mode (if COM_RC_OVERRIDE is enabled).

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