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Submarines (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles - UUV)

이 문서 작성 시점에는 오프 보드 모드에서 ROS를 사용하여 테스트되었습니다. Maintainer volunteers, contribution of new features, new frame configurations, or other improvements would all be very welcome!

At time of writing it has only been tested using ROS in offboard mode. The following features have not been implemented:

  • 임무, 뎁스 홀드, 안정화 수동 제어 등과 같은 모드
  • BlueRobotics gripper support.



Supported Frames

PX4 supports several unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) frames. The set of supported configurations can be seen in Airframe Reference > Underwater Robots.

PX4 Compatible (Fully Assembled)

This section lists fully assembled vehicles where you can update the software to run PX4.

Other Frames