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Vehicle Types & Setup

PX4 supports numerous types of vehicles, including different configurations of multicopters, planes, VTOL vehicles, ground vehicles, and so on.

This section explains how to assemble, configure, and tune PX4-based autopilot systems for each type (much of this setup is common to all types).

Basic Concepts > Drone Types provides high level information about the types of vehicles and the use cases for which they are best suited. :::

Supported Vehicles

The frame types that have a maintainer and are well tested and supported are:

Experimental Vehicles

Experimental frames are those vehicle types that:

  • Do not have a maintainer.
  • Are not regularly tested by the core development team.
  • May not be tested in CI.
  • May lack features required for production-ready vehicles.
  • May not support some common vehicle configurations for the vehicle type.

The following vehicle types are considered experimental:

Maintainer volunteers, contribution of new features, new frame configurations, or other improvements would all be very welcome! :::

Other Vehicles

The complete set of supported vehicle types and their configurations can be found in the Airframes Reference.