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PX4-Autopilot v1.15 Release Notes


This contains changes to PX4 since the last major release (v1.14).


The PX4 v1.15 release is in beta testing, pending release. Add new features here that are going to be in both main and the PX4 v1.15 release.

Read Before Upgrading

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Major Changes

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Upgrade Guide

Other changes

Hardware Support

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  • Gazebo: Support for Advanced Plane, a simulated fixed-wing vehicle that provides better aerodynamic simulation than the regular plane. Added to PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#22167 and gz-sim#2185 (advanced lift drag plugin).
  • Gazebo: The environment variable PX4_SIM_MODEL can now be used to indicate the simulation model. This supersedes PX4_GZ_MODEL, which is now deprecated. Added to PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#22400.
  • Gazebo: Separation of Gazebo and PX4 SITL. The two parts of the simulation are now separated. They can be independently launched in any order, and even run on different hosts across a network. Gazebo additional supports drag-and-drop via the resource spawner in Gazebo GUI. Added to PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#22467.
  • JMAVSim Simulator is now community supported. It has been deprecated as part of the official PX4 development toolchain in order to focus our efforts on Gazebo.


  • Ethernet: The default static IP address (used as a fallback for DHCP) has changed from to This avoids potential conflicts where the192.168.0.x range is used by routers for WIFI/ethernet networks. Changed in PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#22517.


  • uXRCE-DDS: DDS Topics YAML now allows the use of subscription_multi to specify that indicated ROS 2 topics are sent to a separate uORB topic instance reserved for ROS 2. This allows PX4 to differentiate between updates from ROS and those from PX4 uORB publishers. With this change ROS2 users can now decide if the messages that they are sending to PX4 will overlap with the existing uORB ones or be kept in separate instances. Added in PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#22266.
  • TBD


  • Throw launchExperimental: Start a multicopter by throwing it into the air. Added to PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#21170.
  • Position Slow Mode: A slower version of Position mode, where the maximum horizontal velocity, vertical velocity and yaw-rate axes can be configured to lower values (using parameters, RC controller knobs/switches, or MAVLink). Added to PX4 in PX4-Autopilot#22102.


  • TBD



  • Aion R1Experimental: ESC Driver for Roboclaw motor controller. This comes with build instructions and support for the Aion R1, a new differential drive rover, along with information about integrating the Roboclaw motor controller.